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         Diagram 1   

This page is for set up of cable box,dvd ,tv and audio receiver.There are six different type of cables. 1) coax cable which either comes from outside to your house or from the wall outlet to the cable box or tv.2)composite cable is yellow(video),red and white(audio)
3)component cable red,green and blue (video only) 4)Hdmi (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) which has video and audio.5)Digital Audio is just audio mostly used for 5.1 surround sound (typically orange).6)Optical audio is fiber and that also is 5.1 surround and the device will have a certain type of hookup it will be on the back of the lcd or on a surround sound receiver  or dvd player .

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This is a typical install for cable. There are three Basic         

    1) You would go from wall plate to TV input.

    2) You would go from wall plate to Vcr input ,from
        Vcr output to TV input.

    3) You would go from the wall plate to Cable Box
        input, from cable box output to Vcr input , from
        vcr output to Tv input.
 Component cables  this is the yellow (video) white and red (audio).
                 1) From the wall plate to input of cable box, from the
                    component cables output to input to vcr from 
                    component output of vcr to component input to
                    tv. This is another way of watching tv or this way of
                    hooking up a dvd.
                  2) Instead of component out from a vcr you can
                      go component output from a dvd player to
                      component  input to tv.(Diagram Above)


 This Hook up is for Connection.There are multiple ways as you can see in this diagram (above).
1)Go from wall plate to input of cable box,from cable box output to vcr input,from vcr output to tv input.
2)Go from wall plate to cable box input.Now from cable box your output will be composite cable which will be your red,green and blue cable which is video only,from that output into tv component tv input.Now from the cable box audio output
 (red and white cables)  to audio input on tv.
3) Go from wall plate to cable box input ,from cable box you want to take your DVI  cable  go from cable box to tv.If the connection is available  on your tv and the cable box.
4) Depending on the tv you can watch your vcr on tv setting.
watch your cable box either in component mode od DVI mode.
Look at your Tv manual to see how to get to different Tv input's


  This Diagram above is Audio connection's.
  First one is an Audio connection that is the 
 red and white cable's.Second is Digital audio
 cable is Orange and it will support 5.1 surround
  sound.Third and last is Optical Cable which is
  also consider a fiber cable,this will also support
  5.1 .
  1) You can use Audio cables on  only red and white
    inputs or outputs.
  2)Digital audio cables you have to have  a Digital
    audio input and output in order for it to work.
    Usually  AV receiver , HD dvd player,LCD TV,
    Blue ray DVD ,HD cable box.
   3)  Optical cable will have a special connector 
     on the end's that will only accept this type of 
     cable.Usually  AV receiver , HD dvd player,
     LCD TV,Blue ray DVD ,HD cable box.

 The Diagram above is another way of hooking up a dvd player and cable box.

  1) Go from wall plate to cable box input ,from cable box output to tv input.

  2) To hook up your dvd player you will need component cables and auio cables
    first the component cables (red,green and blue)  go from output of dvd player 
    input of tv.The your audio cables output of dvd to input of tv.Now to let you know
    that you will need the same type of input's and output's for your tv and dvd in order
    for this to work.

This is another way of hooking up a dvd player.But depending on the copy rights on the dvd you 
may have a distorted picture.If that is the case you will have to go direct into the tv with your dvd player.


Blu-Ray/HD DVD Players hook up and installation diagram.Cables used: HDMI Cable, Audio Cables, Video Cables 

 This is a Blue ray DVD player hook up.
First you will need a HDMI cable in order for hook up.Also
you will need to look and see if your TV and DVD has these 
connections.Real easy you will go from the  HDMI output of 
dvd player to HDMI input on your tv.HDMI cable supports 
video and audio.

hdtv_guide3-1.jpg Component Video
Using a three plug video connector, component video delivers the best viewing experience by supporting superior color details, improved color purity, and a reduction in the impact that interference or other poor signal quality issues may have.

hdtv_guide4.jpg Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
DVI connectors transfer video signals in pure digital form, which is especially beneficial if you're using a plasma, LCD, or DLP TV. Signals are encrypted with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent recording. There are two types of DVI connectors: DVI-D carries digital-only signals and DVI-I passes both digital and analog video signals. Some TVs feature DVI-I inputs for greater hookup flexibility.

hdtv_guide5.jpg High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
An HDMI connector supports an all-digital link between an HD cable box and HDTV that combines digital video and digital audio on one connection rather than using separate connectors for each function. This delivers extremely high-quality digital video and audio. HDMI is fully backwards compatible with DVI.

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