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Here are a couple of trouble shooting skills to try before you call for a service call.


  Why do I have a snowy Picture?
    If you are getting a snowy picture you may want to check connections on  your tv  and also check if  you have tvs in other rooms that are working first ,if they are it probably something do with right @ that tv.
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  Why do I have a blue screen?

             1) If you have a cable box ,check to see if you have the tv on channel  3  2) Check to see if you have not  set the tv in another mode  like  video 1,2,  component  or hdmi some times some one else may have set the tv in another mode.3)check other tv's in the house. 4) Check the connections on the box and tv.
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Tech that was at my house said my TV was bad ?

            For the first thing is the tech that came in said it was bad did he check it properly. 1) check with same like tv, if you had a analog tv did he check it with the same type tv or if you have a lcd tv did he check it with the same like tv. 2) if you have a vcr hooked up does the tape do the same thing  as the cable picture does.3) If the tv is bad and you have a video input or a composite input it can be hooked up that way to give extra life on the tv.



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Why do you I have boxes on my TV ?
  That would be called digital tiling.There are many reasons  1) it could have to do with a lose connector @ the tv or @ the cable box .2) You may be using poorly shielded cable,what i mean by that is you go to the store to buy one or you use the one in vcr box or dvd  that was provided you will need to change that out or get  the service provider to change that out.3)Check to see if the tv's in other rooms in the house are having the same issue if that is the case you do have a issue with other things that might be outside. If the there is only one tv having problems the more than likely it is just pertaining to that tv.
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What is the difference between HD and Digital ?

   Digital television, or DTV, is the new industry standard for broadcasting picture and sound using digital signals, allowing for dramatic improvements in both picture and sound quality vs. conventional NTSC analog programming. DTV programming can be delivered in either of two basic formats: standard analog definition, (SDTV) and High Definition (HDTV)
         The table below compares some of the attributes of the two different formats.
DTV Format Comparison
Transmission Type
Standard Definition
High Definition
Maximum Resolution
Aspect Ratio
4:3 or 16:9
Channel Capacity
Standard TV as we know it today
Good picture and sound - DVD or DBS quality
Better, depending on source; can be outstanding
Best possible
Best possible

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My internet is not working ?

  1) Check to see if the lights on the front of modem are on. 2) Check to see if the modem is connected to the Pc or wireless router is connected. 3) Check to see if the wireless route is on or connected the lights on the face will tell you if you have activity. 4) check with local provider to see if there is and outage in the area,you may have tv service and still have and internet problem
  5) Check your tv's you might have a complete outage where the service is completely down. 6) Clean your hard drive from internet cookie's,delete old file's or software not in use.



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